Newly Opened Japan Bullet Practice Overview "Kamome"Japan Shinkansen|2022.9.23

Comfortable Birthday🎉Shinkansen!
On September 23, 2022, a brand new Shinkansen bullet prepare will open between Nagasaki and Takeo Onsen in Saga.
New Shinkansen “KAMOME” will begin service between Nagasaki and Takeo Onsen in Saga Prefecture on September 23.
The most recent mannequin “N700S” prepare automotive was launched
143km Shinkansen route connecting Nagasaki Metropolis (Nagasaki Station) and Fukuoka Metropolis (Hakata Station)
The Shinkansen line runs between Nagasaki and Takeo Onsen on the West Kyushu Shinkansen line, and the specific line runs between Takeo Onsen and Hakata on the standard line, with passengers altering trains on the platform at Takeo Onsen Station (relay system)
Shinkansen line distance 66.0 km, the shortest Shinkansen line in Japan
Stops: Takeo Onsen – Ureshino Onsen – Shin-Omura – Isahaya – Nagasaki
Most pace 260 km/h

00:00 Opening
00:25 Saga Station Comfortable Birthday 2022/9/23 West Kyushu Shinkansen “Kamome”!
01:10 The best way to Buy Tickets Restricted Specific Practice Relay Kamome + Kamome Shinkansen
02:42 Relay Kamome Restricted Specific Practice Saga Station – Takeo Onsen
03:15 Scene on the Shinkansen “Kamome” platform (TV protection and crowds of individuals)
03:58 Kamome merchandising machine and Kamome cleansing instruments(Kawaii)
04:05 Kamome Shinkansen Boarding!
05:38 Kamome Shinkansen Seat Introduction (Reserved Seats)
07:30 Introduction of Shinkansen prepare inside (restrooms & free seating)
09:49 Arrival at Nagasaki Station
10:46 Kamome Shinkansen exterior
11:34 Arrival of Kamome Shinkansen
13:07 Kamome Shinkansen Departure
14:21 New Nagasaki Station
15:54 Commemorative ticket for Kamome Shinkansen
16:48 Fireworks and occasions

〜The ten quickest trains on the earth〜
🚅 Shanghai Maglev
Transports passengers utilizing magnetic levitation (maglev) know-how on rails
600 km/h magnetic levitation prepare
🚅CR400 “Fuxing” (China)
Most working pace of 350 km/h
🚅ICE3 (Germany)
Regular working pace is 300 km/h
🚅TGV (France)
On April 3, 2007, the TGV reached a pace of 574.8 km/h. That is an astonishing world document for a standard rail line. That is the world’s highest pace document for a standard railroad, and has been held for a few years.
🚅JR East Japan E5 Collection (Japan)
Operates at a most pace of 320 km/h
🚅Al Borak (Morocco)
Most pace of 320 km/h on the brand new 186 km part of monitor between Tangier and Kenitra.
🚅AVE S-103 (Spain)
Most pace of 350 km/h
🚅KTX (South Korea)
Can function at a most pace of 330 km/h, however regular pace restrict is 305 km/h
🚅Trenitalia ETR1000 (Italy)
Most working pace is 360 km/h
🚅Haramain Excessive Pace Rail (Saudi Arabia)
Most pace of 300 km/h

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